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Caritas Norway is the development and relief organisation of the Catholic Church. Caritas Norway was established in 1952 as Norsk Katolsk Flyktningehjelp (Norwegian Catholic Help for Refugees), and in 1964 changed the name to Caritas Norway. Caritas Norway is under the Catholic Bishop Conference of Norway (which includes the Dioceses of Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø). The organisation’s ruling body is an assembly of representatives from the 37 Catholic parishes in Norway, which meet once a year.

The primary objectives of Caritas Norway are to support programmes in poor countries within the areas of development co-operation, human rights, peace- and reconciliation work and emergency relief. We also aim to motivate the Catholics in Norway towards developing solidarity with the economically poor in other countries, and to increase awareness of unjust social structures and the causes of poverty. Domestically, the most important role is to aid the parishes in the development of welfare work for refugees, immigrants, children and the elderly.

Information centre for labour immigrants
In Oslo we run an information centre for labour immigrants.

Opening hours:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 10.00 – 16.00

Address: Storgata 38, 0182 Oslo – entrance from Hausmannsgate, ground floor

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Contact information:

Sigrid Westeng Odden (Manger) +47 916 91 468

For guidance: 22 60 16 30/31/32

Edith Stylo (speaks Polish)

Emil Breahna (speaks Rumenian)

Semiramis Franco (speaks Spanish)

Here you can receive information and advice if you are new to Norway:

Housing – how the rental market functions – how to get a place to stay while you are looking for work.
Rules regarding rental apartments and where to get advice.
Work – how the labour market functions – how to use NAV and recruitment agencies, CV help, photo copy facilities etc.
Legal aspects of labour contract and of the workplace and who can help.
Residency/work/family reunification permits – about UDI and online registration.
Health services – how to access them.
Social/emergency help – who can help.
Legal aid – who can help.
Where to learn Norwegian – training courses by public and voluntary organisations.
Cultural events.
Help to understand official documents/papers.
PC and internet available for users of the Infosenter, free of charge
Other help, information and guidance