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Caritas Oslo offers Norwegian language courses as well information and skill-based courses. Caritas does not provide any kind of official examination.

  • Make sure you got the right address for the course location.
  • Registration fees will usually not be refundable.
  • You have to be present first course day, otherwise your participation gets cancelled.

Here you can find information about the courses held at our information centers in Bergen, Stavanger, Drammen and Trondheim.

Courses in Oslo are held at Caritas ressurssenter, Storgata 38 (entrance from Hausmannsgate).

If you need help, please contact or by phone 404 28 452.

Jobbsøkerkurs 25. mai. Få hjelp med å søke jobb, skrive CV og søknad. Krever registering. / Job-seeker course, receive help with writing CV and cover letters. Requieres registrationFredager 9:00 - 12:00Fredag 25. mai 9:00 - 12:00. Begrenset antall plassermeld deg på
Selvhjelpsgrupper for jobbsøkere / Self-help groups for work-seekerspå dagtid / during daytimeSelvhjelpsgrupper for jobbsøkere, møtes ukentlig. Self-help groups for work-seekers, meet weekly. For mer informasjon: / 404 28 452
Datakurs for nybegynnere / computer course for new-beginners. Krever registrering / requires registration.Annenhver fredag 12:30 - 15:00Fredag 25. mai. Begrenset antall plassermeld deg på
Gratis dropp-inn-kurs for A1-norsk/ Free Drop-in A1 Norwegian course IWednesday from 17.00-18.30
Every Wednesday. No registration required
Gratis dropp-inn-kurs for A1-norsk/ Free Drop-in A1 Norwegian course IIFriday from 16.00-17.30
Every Friday.
No registration required
Curso de noruego laboral para hispanohablantes A1-A2 II/ Arbeidsnorsk for spansktalende A1-A2 II. Requiere inscripciónmartes 14:00 - 16:00. Tirsdager 14:00 - 16:00. 8 semanas / åtte uker. 16 horas / 16 timer. Primer día de curso: 30 de abril.Inscribirse / más info.
Norskkurs A2 dag. Krever påmelding
mandager og onsdager 12:30 - 15:008 ukers kurs. Kursstart 16.04.2018Påmelding / mer info.
Norskkurs A2 kveld. Krever påmeldingtirsdager og torsdager 17:00 - 19:308 ukers kurs. Kursstart: 17.04.2018Påmelding / mer info.
Norskkurs B1+ dag. Krever påmelding. mandager og onsdager 09:00 - 11:308 ukers kurs. Kursstart: 16.04.2018Påmelding / mer info.
Norskkurs B2 kveld. Krever påmeldingmandager 17:00 - 20:008 ukers kurs. Kursstart: 30.04.2018Påmelding / mer info.