Rafael Garavito: Seminar on starting your own business in Norway

/Rafael Garavito: Seminar on starting your own business in Norway
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Caritas resource centre invites you to an introductory seminar about start-ups; setting up and running your own company in Norway. This seminar is useful if you want to know more about which basic steps are involved, what you should think about before and while planning your business, what requirements exist for you to be able to set up and run your company, and to get more information about possible tools you can seek to successfully start and run your business.

The leader for this introductory seminar is Rafael Garavito, founder of PEL Services, whom has solid experience through his own start-up and who has broad teaching experience otherwise in other fields, including also start-up courses held for Spanish speaking immigrants to Norway. The seminar is free of charge but requires registration. Limited space available.

Registration: https://no.surveymonkey.com/r/startupCaritas