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The au pair program is about cultural exchange

The purpose of the au pair-program is cultural exchange. The origin can be traced back to the European au pair-agreement of 1969 in which the movement of adventurous young Europeans crossing borders was regulated. An au pair stays in the home of a host family as part of the family, while primarily learning about the Norwegian ways, language and society and exchanging cultural knowledge with friends and family. It is important that both the au pair and host family recognize the purpose of the program as cultural exchange. This means that an au pair is not a housemaid nor a nanny. However, you are expected to do some work in return and for this your recieve pay/pocket money.

UDI writes, «As an au pair, you can improve your language skills and learn about Norwegian society by living with a Norwegian family. In return, you will provide services such as light housework and/or child care for the host family.» We recommend you to click on the link and read thouroughly the UDI circular on the au pair-program.

An au pair and the host family must agree on the terms of the au pair-stay in the UDI au pair-contract. You can find the contract here. In any case, an au pair cannot work more than five hours per day, with a maximum of 30 hours per week. Contact Caritas au pair-senter if you need help with the contract or have other questions.

Who can be a host family?

  • Host families can be married couples, partners or cohabitants with or without children.
  • Host families can also be single parents with children and at least 50 % of the daily child care.
  • The host family must have thorough knowledge of Norwegian society and language.
  • You can not be related to the au pair.
  • Usually you cannot have the same country of origin as the au pair because the permit is about cultural exchange.
  • At least one of the parents of the host family must complete UDI’s e-learning course for host families.

Information about your rights and duties as a host family

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  • You can only have one au pair at a time.
  • You must pay for Norwegian courses for your au pair at a cost of at least 8850 kroner per year.
  • It is the host family`s responsibility that the au pair is treated well and that his or her dignity is not violated.
  • The au pair must get board and lodging for free. He/she must have a private room in the house.
  • It is your responsibility to pay/pocket money of at least 5900 kroner before tax per month. The Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten) has more information about tax rules.
  • You must pay your au pair holiday pay in accordance with the Holiday Act (feireloven). Au pairs have the right to regular holiday.
  • You are responsible for cover insurance for the au pair’s return home in the case of serious illness, injury or death.
  • You should help the au pair to get a tuberculosis test if he/she comes from a high incidence country.
  • Since the au pair program is about cultural exchange, the au pair’s work is limited to light housework and taking care of the children.
  • In our brochures on this webpage we give examples of light housework.
  • The au pair’s work hours should not exceed 5 hours per day – max 30 hours per week.
  • Au pairs have the right to one day off per week. At least one of these days off during the month must be a Sunday. Every week the au pair must have at least one afternoon off.
  • Au pairs cannot work for other employers or other families.
  • Au pairs have the right to participate in Norwegian language classes and recreational activities. Their work tasks cannot prevent them from practicing their religion.
  • It is important to have a conversation with your au pair to clarify the terms of his/her au pair stay so that both parties agree about the terms and to prevent misunderstandings.
  • You are considered an employer by the Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten). The Norwegian Tax Administration has information about tax rules for host families.
  • Au pairs have the right to pay/pocket money of at least 5900 kroner before tax per month.
  • Au pairs have the right to free board and lodging.
  • The au pair pays tax of income including the value of free board and lodging.
  • Au pairs have the right to 25 working days of holiday per calender year (public holidays excluded). If he/she starts after September 30th, it is 6 working days of holiday.
  • You must pay holiday pay according to the Holiday Act (ferieloven).

CHILDCARE: Many au pairs contribute with childcare, but remember that they should not work more than 5 hours a day.

TRAVEL: Au pairs have the opportunity to live in a new country for two years to learn about a new language and culture.

  • An au pair is a member of Norway’s national insurance scheme (folketrygden). This means that they have the right to free health services like other members of society.
  • Dental service in Norway is not covered by the scheme, and can be expensive.
  • All immigrants must be tested for tuberculosis upon arrival in Norway if they come from a high incident country. Contact the infection control office (smittevernkontor) in your kommune for this.
  • You are responsible for insurance that covers the au pair’s return home in the case of serious illness, injury or death.
  • Pregnancy is not a valid reason for the host family to terminate the contract. Talk with the au pair about a good solution.
  • You must pay for your au pair’s trip home.
  • You do not have to pay for for travels to other countries. You do not have to pay if your au pair goes on holiday or stays on in Norway on different grounds.
  • You are responsible for paying for insurance that covers your au pair’s return home in the case of serious illness, injury or death.
  • Both you and the au pair can terminate the contract with a notice period of at least one month. The termination must be in writing.
  • You cannot dismiss the au pair without reasonable grounds. You should give the reason for dismissal in writing.
  • Au pairs do not have to give a reason for why they end the contract.
  • The au pair have the right to stay with you on the same terms during the notice period.
  • Both you and the au pair can terminate the contract with immediate effect if there is a gross breach of the contract.
  • The police or UDI should be notified if the contract is terminated before the permit expires and the au pair must update his/her address.
  • Au pairs can at any time apply to change host family if they have valid visa in Norway, but not beyond a 2 years stay in total.
  • Au pairs can live and work at their new host family when they have handed in the documents to the police.

Important partner organizations

We cooperate with several organizations that you can contact for additional help. Here you will find important partner organizations. Click on the logo to go to the organization’s website. If you come to us for advising we will also be able to help you come into contact with these organizations.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

UDI is responsible for au pair permits. Check out their website for more information on the application process for au pairs.

The Norwegian Tax Administration

As a host family you are considered an employer, and must follow certain tax rules. Visit Skattetaten’s website for more information.

JURK – Legal aid for women

Caritas Au Pair Centre refers many au pairs to JURK. More information here.

Embassy of the Philippines

Many au pairs are from the Philippines. With problems regarding the Filipino authorities, contact the embassy of the Philippines in Oslo.

Energy Au Pair

Au pair agency for au pairs and host families- For more information click here.

How can I contact Caritas Au Pair Centre?