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This year, as in previous years, we encourage each and every one of you to support the Lenten fundraiser and Caritas’ work. «Being present for our fellow men» is this year’s theme. The Caritas network provides relief work all over the world and is present before, during and after a crisis.

In the last year we have seen, at close range, the importance of the Church’s diaconal work. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has caused enormous destruction. The brutality of the war is particularly visible in Ukraine, but its consequences go far beyond Ukraine’s borders.

In Ukraine we see enormous suffering, people have lost everything. Parents have lost their children, children have lost their mothers, grandparents, siblings and fathers. Others have lost their ability to function due to physical or psychological injuries. Many have lost their homes and everything they own. Millions of people have also been forced to flee, and some tens of thousands have found their way here, to us.

The war in Ukraine also affects poor people around the world. Here at home, the war has contributed to a raise in prices. Many people find that their budget is no longer enough, even if all unnecessary costs have been cut.

Everyday life has also become much more difficult for the poorest. They too are aware of increased prices and an increased difficulty in obtaining food. This is in addition to more and more demanding living conditions as a result of climate change and extreme weather.

During Lent, we Christians are encouraged to deepen our faith in Jesus Christ as the savior of the world. This faith strengthens us in the hope of a better future. It is through charity that we bring this hope into the world.

The Church’s Caritas, our diaconal work, is a sign of hope in the everyday life of millions of people living at a breaking point. Hope becomes visible through a volunteer handing out firewood to freezing Ukrainians, a charity worker bringing new fish to fish farms in Uganda or two hands holding out a bag of food in Trondheim.

Through prayers and gifts to the Church’s relief work, each one of us gets the opportunity to participate in this action for the common good.

We encourage everyone who has the opportunity, to donate to Caritas during Lent, and in that way help the people who truly need it.

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