New Norwegian courses

//New Norwegian courses

Caritas will from the first week of September offer new and improved Norwegian courses at multiple levels. Our courses are aimed at serving the needs from those who have just arrived in Oslo to those who wish to work to achieve the official language tests at B1 level.

Foto: Caritas Norge/Trine Lejon

Foto: Caritas Norge/Trine Lejon

The new courses will be divided in three: A1 level/beginner, Work Norwegian and A2-B1 level courses.

A1 level/beginner: Drop-in courses 3 days a week for beginners.

Work Norwegian: 10-hour course over 7 weeks that focuses on everyday Norwegian connected to the work process and relevant sectors. The course will also include basic presentation of The Work Environment Act and safety routines.

A2-B1 level: 40-hour course over 10 weeks including preparation for the official Norwegian tests.

Caritas Information Centre will offer all t courses in the evening in the center of Oslo, while St. Johannes will offer daytime A2-B1 courses in Grorudddalen.

More information about the courses and registration can be found here.


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